Church/Community Garden

Iam starting this page to chronicle the progress and all the wonderful fresh, healthy food we are growing at my church’s community garden.

I have tried many times to grow veggies in my backyard, but have not had any luck at all.  I am sure it has to do with a couple of things –

1) the type of dirt I have in the back yard.  I haven’t done much “amending” to the soil and am sure if I took the time to do that it would be more “productive”
2) I have two fairly large dogs, Rex and Roxy, who love to run around the yard. Especially the fence line, which means they run through the garden area of the yard
3) when the plants get large enough they like to pull them up and chase each other around the yard.  A fun game for them, but frustrating for me…
4) I am learning a whole lot about gardening that I didn’t realize I didn’t know…  🙂


I hope you join me on this journey of growing veggies.  Post comments along the way and tell me how your garden grows!

What are you having for dinner?

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