Hi, my name is Cathy.

I started this blog after some of my friends made the suggestion.  Before I started the blog, I was posting pictures and comments on facebook about what I was cooking for dinner on a nightly basis.  As you can see, I don’t always get a nightly post in here.

The reason I started posting anything about what I was cooking was to inspire me to make different things, and stretch my use of different recipes, veggies and other foods beyond what I was accustomed to eating.  I also had another goal in mind.  You see, I have a habit of buying fresh produce, and then not eating it before it goes bad.  I also wanted to seriously cut back on the amount of “dining out” that I was doing 1) to save money and 2) to eat healthier as well.  🙂

I hope you enjoy my posts and come back often to check out what I have been up to in the kitchen, and elsewhere related to food.

6 responses

  1. One of the best ideas for starting a food blog yet! Good luck with your culinary adventure. I hate wasted fresh produce. I’m always thinking of more than one way to use different fresh vegetables and especially fresh herbs.

    • Thanks! Oh the pressure!! I try to post each day, but there have been a lot of times where I haven’t posted, either because I have been “bad” and ate out, had left overs from something I already posted, or had something very boring (oatmeal maybe)… thanks for following!!

What are you having for dinner?

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