Avocado and Cilantro Hummus

Another way to use avocados besides guacamole

Main St. Cuisine

avocado and cilantro hummus Earlier this month, a whole bunch of school children celebrated Read Across America Day.  It’s a way for all of us (even the grown ups) to celebrate our love for reading and it coincides with Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

Of course, as I explained here, some of us book lovers have one too many books on our nightstands.  There’s no hope in that improving anytime soon.

Isn’t it wonderful to be a reader?

I love transporting myself to far away lands, comprehend what’s behind a character’s motivations or even experience time travel through this recently finished book.

My children love to read too.  And, we make semi-regular trips to our local library, buy books through used book stores and spend way more time than we should at our nearest Barnes & Noble (usually with a scone and hot chocolate in hand).

I love that they’re always ready to discuss what…

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