Choco-Mallow Candy

Chocolate! Happy Vanlentine’s Day!

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choco mallow candy

Do you believe in miracles?

While I usually reserve this blog to discuss recipes and the goings-on in our little family (you know…the fun stuff), today I thought I’d share something more personal.

You see, I have a friend in the hospital.

This is someone who is more like family than friend.

I’ve been praying hard for a miracle these past few weeks.

The kind that defy all logic and reason.

Today, I received some news that things are looking up and the medical team is feeling optimistic.  I’m counting that news alone as a small miracle.

Sometimes, it hurts my heart to pray that hard and care that much, but I think I’m making a difference.  So, I’m going to keep at it.

I’m going to force myself to feel the fragility of the situation, although it makes me really uncomfortable.

I’m grateful for this friend.  This…

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