Turkey and Poblano Chili

A cold snap is on it’s way, Time to make some chili!

Main St. Cuisine

turkey and poblano chili

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Here’s what I’m thinking…I’m so glad we didn’t see a tornado Saturday.

There’s something about those tornado warnings that just scare my Southern Californian self right to the core.

You’re probably thinking…don’t you have earthquakes and wild fires out there?

Well, yes.  Yes we do.

But, that’s what I grew up with so I’m a little more accustomed to those.

Tornadoes are something else entirely. And, they really frighten me.

Losing electricity for 5 or 6 hours really limits what one can do in the kitchen by the way or the computer.  I know, completely obvious.

It’s difficult to cook or post on the blog.

Candles are lit, flashlights are turned on and you get a little creative with entertaining one’s family and yourself.  Ghost stories, anyone?

Eventually, the electricity comes back on and you head back into the kitchen to make chili.

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What are you having for dinner?

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