Starting out

This is my sister’s new blog where she will be showcasing her creations. Everything she makes can be custom made for you and your loved ones and friends. Check it out. Follow her blog.


OK, what to do:  laid off, no luck finding employment….BUT  I can make things.  I have made gifts in the past and been told “you should try selling what you make”.  Unfortunately, people don’t realize when I make things I make them with my heart…with love…with pride and when I have made things to sell in the past I even feel guilty charging for them since I have always made for family.

Except now unemployment has run out and without $$$ coming in I decide to take on custom orders if anyone asks (OK, I will continue making gifts too).  A friend asked about an afghan and, despite quoting what I felt was a reasonable price I haven’t heard if she wants me to make it or not.  SOOOOO, I will finish up the Christmas gifts for this year and begin on afghans I have committed to for family members.  In…

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