White Bean Soup with Croutons and Bacon

With the colder weather on the way, this White Bean Soup is on the top of my Must Make list!

Main St. Cuisine

white bean soup with homemade croutonsHappy Tuesday, my friends!

I don’t know exactly where each of you are in the world (though I know several of you are in Canada and the northeastern part of the US).

But wherever you are, if you are feeling like there is a chill in the air then you may be searching for some meals to make you feel cozy and warm at the end of the day.

Speaking of chilly days, have you put away your Halloween decor yet?

I’m hoping I can rally the troops after school today so we can get our spiders, grave stones and spooky skeleton hands tucked away until next year.

It’s part of my trying to stay on track with keeping organized and not letting my procrastinating ways get the best of me.

This morning I made a list to keep me on track for today.  It mostly involved returning phone calls…

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What are you having for dinner?

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