Mondays on Main St. – Honey Ginger Orange Chicken

This looks yummy! I think I will make this for dinner tonight. Guests are welcome. 🙂

Main St. Cuisine

honey ginger orange chickenThis is the type of dish my family adores.

And, when I say “my family,” I mean the kids.

One thing my children will tell you (I think) is that I really dislike listening to them complain when we sit down to supper.

It just makes me nuts.

It probably drives you nuts too.

I don’t want to guarantee it, but I think you’ll have minimal complaints when this honey ginger orange chickenarrives at the table.

You probably have most everything already, which makes this the perfect weeknight dish.  Serve it over rice like I did or with a green salad.

It’s really simple and totally satisfying.

honey ginger orange chickenYou’ll need 3/4 cup each of honey (room temperature) and soy sauce.  Add 2 tbspof freshly minced ginger and about 8 minced garlic cloves.  Stir or whisk to combine.

honey ginger orange chickenAdd a tsp of ground mustard, the zest and…

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What are you having for dinner?

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