Oatmeal – From Boring to Fabulous

Is oatmeal one of your breakfast staples?  It is for me, too; and while I love a nice hot bowl of oatmeal, it can be quite boring and monotonous to eat it every day.  It doesn’t have to be that way (monotonous).

While many days I may just drizzle a bit of honey and add some milk to my oatmeal; I really love adding chopped fresh fruits of all sorts to my oatmeal, then topping with a bit of cinnamon.  I get one of my “fruit servings” for the day, along with the fiber from the oatmeal, and I am good to go for the morning!

Today, I chopped up an apple to add to my oatmeal.  Now, I am usually get the apples chopped and into the oatmeal/water before I put it on the stove to cook.  this not only softens the apples a tad, but also allows some of the sugars from the apple to infuse into the oatmeal.  Today the apple was a bit of an after-thought; but it was still yummy!


What other fruits do you add to your morning oatmeal?  Bananas, pears, peaches, etc?


One response

  1. We’ve added blueberries, bananas and, just lately when out of fresh blueberries, dried chopped apricots. OH, also did chopped fresh peaches last wk.

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