Late Summer Pasta with Vegetables & Goat Cheese

A yummy late summer pasta dish to try!

Main St. Cuisine

pasta with summer vegetablesSummer is furiously coming to a close.

Can you feel it?

I believe it officially ends this Friday.

My boys of summer are still talking about everything we did during their break from school. Disneyland, lots of time on the beach.  Boogie boarding in the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.  Finding blue crabs and playing baseball.

What a glorious summer it was.  A whirlwind that’s for sure.

With the end of summer right around the corner, I’m on a mad dash to scoop up a few more in-season vegetables before they disappear and deciding what else I can make with basil before my garden-fresh supply is no more.

I just love being able to clip fresh basil leaves from the garden and use them in various dishes.

This recipe for pasta with vegetables and goat cheese just felt like a great end-of- summer dish.  Everything (except the pasta) was either…

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