Side Tracked…

Here is my excuse for not posting my own recipes, etc. on my What’s for Dinner blog for a while…

365 Days to a Less Cluttered Home

Besides having all my hair cut off, I was side-tracked on my decluttering project in early July.  You see, I took a trip to my home town to visit family for a week, and while I was gone, well, let’s just say my two dogs don’t much like fireworks…

My pet sitter was kind enough to txt me a picture of the damage they did to a wall in the kitchen (picture to follow in another post).

My kitchen was (being the operative word) wallpapered.  It has been this way since I bought it 15 years ago and have been wanting to take the paper down and do a plaster finish on the walls and paint instead.  So…. you guessed it – my dogs prompted and prioritized that project for me on the evening of July 4th.

I have pictures of the process and will share those in a future…

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