Diner Pancakes

Oh yes! I will be making up a batch of this pancake mix to keep in my pantry for those “I just need a pancake” moments. 🙂

Where Flours Bloom

diner pancakes

Do you love pancakes? If so, here is the best recipe you will ever find for that perfect tasting pancake. I’ve always wanted to make those pancakes like you get when you eat at the pancake diners. You don’t have to look at any other recipe because you just found it. Cook’s Country has come up with the best pancake ever! If you don’t have all the ingredients it’s really worth you buying them and giving these a try. So yummy!!!

Here’s what Cook’s Country had to say- All-purpose flour made for tough pancakes. Replacing half the all-purpose flour with cake flour yielded sturdy yet tender cakes. To give pancakes made from our Better-than-the-Box Pancake Mix complexity and depth, we added an unusual ingredient: malted milk powder. It imparted a sweet, nutty flavor that tasters loved. Tasters also preferred the flavor of butter to vegetable shortening. For higher-rising pancakes, we…

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What are you having for dinner?

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