Love Cookies!

Main St. Cuisine

oatmeal chocolate chip cookiesMy friends, all of this talk of dreary, wintry weather has put me in the mood for baking.

I actually wish it was snowing this morning instead of raining.  Did I just say that?

If I lived on the pages of a magazine, I would love to be out on the front porch, wearing my Ugg boots and corduroys, wrapped tightly in a wool Pendleton blanket, eating these oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies and sipping hot chocolate.

Magazine daydreaming aside, what I really wanted was a tart-sweet lemon bar.

But, with only one lemon nestled in among all my pretty oranges, the lemon bars were not to be.

My littles likened these to a chocolate chip granola bar, which I think was due to a teaspoon of cinnamon I added to the batter.

My husband walked off with a dozen or so to take to the office this morning, which made…

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