Oh how I love making my own vinegarettes! I will be making these soon, for sure!


Store-bought salad dressing never ceases to disappoint me.  Every time I enter the grocery store I stare down at my basket and say, No sauces this timeThe last three sucked, and so did the fifteen before them.  You’ve got way too many bottles in your refrigerator to justify another $4 purchase of modified food starch and sugar.  Enough is enough.

But any practicing capitalist knows that enough is never enough.  There’s always a new variety to taste, a new marketing scheme to fall victim to, and I am always more than happy to do so.  So I buy the bottle.  I pour it on a bowl of mixed greens when I get home.  I take a bite.  It tastes like sugar and modified food starch.

A few years ago I stopped buying store-bought salad dressing.  It probably had to do with a certain desire to eat healthier, compounded…

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