Like the idea of yuka chips!


It’s halftime and the Chargers are down 14-7.  You’re six beers deep and in desperate need of some real, manly nutrition to offset those hunger pangs – but you’ve only got 15 minutes.  So you leap off the couch and make a dash for the kitchen, weaving between tattered copies of Esquire and empty cans of Coors Light with running-back precision.  Just as you’re about to perform your signature end zone routine, you realize something important – that you haven’t been grocery shopping in over two weeks, and that your epic touchdown is about to be called back to the 50 yard line.

This happened to me last week, minus the football and the Coors Light.  (Sorry Rivers, but I’ve completely and wholeheartedly given up on you).  I was starving on a Sunday afternoon with nothing to show for it except a sorry bag of random produce. Tomatoes, onion, avocado…

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What are you having for dinner?

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