So, this isn’t.about food, but it hits home for me and so many of my positive minded friends. My question is why does.the Debbie downer get mote people down than the positive person raise folks.spirits up? And for that matter, why does being negative get a nickname, while the optimist doesn’t. Mmmm


How often do people that you encounter find it their God given duty to rain on your parade?  The most innocent, yet, positive comment is body slammed to wallow with them in their negative mud.

In the first baby soft moments I snuggled our grandson, a sleepy grin tugged at his full lips.  

“Ah, Bren’s smiling!” I gushed with enough sugar to turn him pre-diabetic. “He already loves his grandma.”

“Mom, it’s just gas,” spouted one of the ungrateful varmints I painfully birthed roughly a quarter of a century ago.

Had I not been totally spellbound by the much waited for and prayed over bundle of amazing I held in my arms, I would have pulled the portable soapbox from my back pocket and argued that flippant statement.

Who has proof that a baby’s smile is gas? I believe we can all agree, that gas has never made anyone chuckle.  Be extremely uncomfortable is more like it.  Wouldn’t…

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