This reblog I really need to keep track of the use of Limes ideas, seeing o have so darn many from my like tree out back. 🙂


The topic of Spanish colonialism in Latin America is a rather controversial one, especially for a cooking blog.  It’s filled with violence and struggle, repression and cultural rape.  Those things don’t belong here. These pages are for G-rated recipes and jaw-dropping food photos.  Not historical realism.

And yet, to separate a cuisine from its historical framework would be like telling people Lance Armstrong never had cancer.  As human beings, our story is what makes us unique.  The same goes for food – ignoring its history ignores its truth.  And in the case of Latin America, ignoring Spanish colonialism would mean ignoring one of the most important ingredients in Mexican cuisine: the lime.




Citrus aurantifolia was brought to the New World by the Spaniards during the period of exploration and  known as La Conquista.  The fruit has its roots in the middle East, somewhere between Iraq and…

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