A new twist on an old Italian favorite of mine. I will have to do this…as soon as o get my hands on some homegrown tomatoes


Heirlooms are the tomato equivalent of James Dean – a symbol of nostalgia and youthful rebellion in a market saturated with tasteless, GMO-injected produce of uniform shape and quality.  Refusing to conform to our predisposed notions of Solanum lycopersicum and the shiny red globes we expect it to provide.  Martyrs of modern agriculture, no doubt.

What separates an heirloom from the rest of the crowd is the same as what distinguishes Mitt Romney from a spider monkey.  Slight differences in DNA structures create two unique organisms, one of which is more desirable than the other (sorry Mitt).  Heirlooms lack a genetic mutation present in commercial crops that lowers carotenoid levels and gives them their uniform size, color, and taste (or lack thereof).  As a result, they can be found in a wide variety of physical forms, ranging from round and yellow to green and striped.  The names of these different…

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