Chicken Romesco with Sauteed Vegetables


Tonight’s dinner was modified slightly. We had an unexpected thunderstorm so my original plan to grill the chicken was broiling it. I patted the chicken dry, sprayed with Pam on both sides then seasoned it with a dry Italian seasoning mixture and let it marinate for at least an hour. When ready to cook I set the oven on hi broil and placed the rack 4-5″ from the top. I lined a pan with foil, set a cookie cooling rack in it and sprayed it with Pam. I broiled the chicken for 15 minutes, turning half way through and checking to make sure it was done completely. Next time I will pound the chicken to be a consistent thickness so it won’t take as long to cook and be a little more moist on the outside. I really prefer to grill the chicken, but broiling it worked just as well.

I finally got around to making the Romesco sauce I mentioned in an earlier post.  I also discovered that Romesco can be made in many different ways. Much like variations on a marinara sauce, there are certain basics for this sauce, such as tomatoes, nuts, vinegar and red pepper, but even these items are flexible (ie sherry.vinegar, or red wine vinegar; walnuts or almonds, roma tomatoes, or other tomatoes you have on hand, do you roast the red pepper or use it raw). You can add other things to it as well. I found one recipe with onion added, another with red pepper flakes.

So here is MY Romesco sauce. Please note amounts are estimates as I’m not very good at being precise in my measuring when I cook. This also makes a fair amount of sauce. It should keep in the fridge for a month if you pour enough olive oil on the top to cover it when you refridgerate it. You can also freeze it as well.

1 red pepper, cored and chopped into large chunks
2 tomatoes, skinned and coursely chopped
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
2 jalepino peppers cored seeds removed and chopped
2 cloves garlic
1/2 cup almonds ( can sub walnuts)
1/2 teaspoon paprika
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup.olive oil

Place nuts in food processor with blade and chop to course pieces. Add everything except the oil and process until pureed. With food processor running, add oil. Refridgerate for at least 1 hour to allow flavors to meld together.

When ready to use, warm the sauce.

Next time I think I may toss a little rosemary in the sauce too, though the chicken seasoning included rosemary, so maybe not.

My veggies were chopped onion, carrots and okra sauteed and seasoned with salt and pepper.

A yummy dinner, if I do say so myself…and I have plenty of Romesco sauce for other uses!

What are you having for dinner?

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