Mmmm, Mexican meets hummus. Going to have to give this a try. Maybe with jalapeno peppers, since I have those on hand.


The word macho is a curious one.  In popular culture, we associate it with acts of great strength and physical prowess – lifting heavy objects, exerting one’s force over another.  Think Vin Diesel and professional wrestling.  We apply it to the rest of the animal kingdom as well, to explain bizarre physical and behavioral traits that would otherwise seem senseless.  Think peacock tails, lion manes, and 300-pound gorillas beating their chests.

The origins of the word, however, suggest a slightly different meaning.  Macho is derived from the Spanish and Portuguese word machismo, which translates as “male chauvinism” and refers to the age-old assumption that masculinity is inherently superior to femininity.  So it’s even more politically charged than our already-chauvinist culture would have us believe.  Great.  But before we get carried away with emotional accusations of political “correctness,” let’s take a look at another possible meaning.

In the ancient Nahuatl

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