Growing Mango Trees

I have been wanting to give this a try, even though it takes many years before the trees produce fruit, so says all the research I have done about growing mango trees from their seeds.

So, I am going to give it a try.  I prepped three seeds from mangos that I bought at the grocery store.  It will be interesting to see if they germinate, as they say a lot of the produce you get at the grocery store that is not organic will not germinate (much like what you may have seen with the potato/sweet potato experiment posted on youtube).

Anyway – day one.  cleaned and scarred the seeds, set them in a container of water.  According to the instructions I found, I will need to drain and replace the water every couple of days.  They are supposed to take 10 – 14 days to germinate and start to show sprouts.

Stay tuned!  If this works, I am going to take at least one, maybe two of these over to the church garden to plant.

Have you ever tried to grow a tree from seed?  What kind? Were you successful?

8 responses

  1. How exciting! I don’t care for mangoes too much (I think they have a funny taste), but I recently fell in love witth dried mangos! Good luck with your gardening efforts.

    • I recently started liking them. I think my tastes have changed. Not sure how long it takes before the produce fruit when grown from seed. But the trees souls like they would be really pretty

  2. I have an 8 ft. tall grapefruit tree in my office that grew from a seed my friend’s grandson found in his breakfast fruit. I tell everyone it’s a grapefruit bonsai, since the variety grows to 20 ft. in it’s natural habitat. I hope you’re just as lucky with your seeds.

      • Not so far. I think it may need to be pollinated, and according to what I read about the variety, it needs to be exposed to the cold at a particular time in the growing cycle. But I’m the optimistic sort, so I keep hoping.

        • that makes sense. You can “self polinate” the flowers, by taking the stamin from one and putting it in other flowers. Or you could bring some bees into the office… but I wouldn’t advise that. LOL

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