Birds of a Feather

Off topic – I know…

My neighbor has a bird feeder in their backyard.  The other evening I spied these birds feeding away – I think they are turtle doves, but not being a bird watcher or expert, I may be wrong.

Anyway, I grabbed my camera and shot a couple of photos.

What sort of birds do you find in your backyard?

One response

  1. They look like what I call Turtle Doves also. Right now we have Woodpeckers, Cardinals and Bluejays. We have a feeder and a bath just off the pool and I used to love to go out there and swim and watch them feed but the Blue’s are so dang mean and they scrape their beaks along the bottom of the feeder slinging food everywhere. All the feed ends up on the ground and my favorite little Cardinal buddies never got a bite! 😦 Between the Blue’s and squirrels we gave up, lol!

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