Pasta Florentine

On Friday I usually go out to my friend’s restaurant, Joes 5 Star Pizzeria, but tonight I just wasn’t feeling like doing much, though it is a beautiful day in Houston.


All Tue more reason to have a simple dinner outside on the patio watching Rex & Roxy romp around on the backyard.


They both seem to think the pool is their personal water bowl…

Buy I digress.  Tonight’s dinner started with sourdough toast sprinkled with olive oil, topped with a bit of goat cheese and some chopped up tomatoes from the church garden along with fresh basil from my herb garden.  Sprinkled with a bit more olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.


Main course was pasta Florentine with chicken.  I have to admit, I cheated tonight, this was a prepackaged Marie Calander dinner.  It was good, none the less…though I am not overly fond of prepackaged meals…


Drink… Well I made myself a little “easy margarita” using lemonade and a shot of lemon tequila.


Last, but certainly not least was dessert.  Fresh hung cherries (those babies are expensive!  Can’t wait for my cherry start producing…), homemade vanilla ice cream that I made for Memorial Day, topped with homemade chocolate sauce.


What did you have for dinner tonight?

What are you having for dinner?

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