Memorial Day Breakfast

Happy Memorial Day to all of our brave veterans and soldiers.  A friend of mine posted a note on FB yesterday about his dad’s experience on WWII.  I was humbled.  And what followed was even more humbling, as friends of his also posted notes about their fathers who faught in the same battle.  God bless and keep all of our troops safe.

Sorry I have been MIA on the blogging.  I’ve been taking pictures of my cooking and baking…just haven’t found the time to sit down and post.

Yesterday I made homemade honey vanilla ice cream. It called for 6 WTG yolks, so I had 6 egg whites that need to be used.

This morning I used 1/2 of them plus one whole egg for breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, topped with what I had left from the best marinara sauce in town from Joe’s 5 Star Pizzeria (I posted about them a whole back).  A slice of tart cherry ficassa bread that I made from A recipe out of Bon Appetit’ and fresh fruit, including a peach I picked yesterday from my tree in the backyard. 

A great start to a beautiful Memorial Day on Houston.


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