An-tic-i-paaaaa-tion, is making me wait….

Spring – the sound of the birds, the buzz of the bees, the bloom of the roses….and my fruit trees!

Every morning, for at least a week now, every time I let the dogs out in the morning, my sense of smell is overwhelmed with the lovely scents of the blossoms on the trees in my backyard.  I LOVE that smell, and wish it would last all summer; but if it did, then I wouldn’t have fruit come fall.  And this year, Oh the anticipation!

My fruit trees aren’t very old, and for the past several years have had just a few blooms and fruits; but this year—- oh this year, is the year that (I am hoping) they will yield an abundant bounty! Praying we do not have another summer like last year – severe drought, water restrictions, most fruits shriveled up and died…

All the trees (sans the cherry trees, which haven’t bloomed yet; and the pommagranite, that I just put in last spring), are full of blooms, and the loquat tree – well, it has baby fruit on it already!  Lots and lots of baby fruit!  The loquat tree is actually a plant that is a gift of mother nature, and the birds.  I noticed it in the very back of my yard, and decided to let it grow and see if it 1) survived, and 2) would bare fruit.

Here are some pictures of the wonderful flowers that provide the heavenly scents every time I open my door.

"Belinda's Beauty" Roses

Busy Bees polinating the orange blossoms

Peach Blossoms

Peach beginning to develop from the flower

Lemon Blossoms

Lime Blossoms

Loquat Fruit

Roxy - making sure the squirrels stay out of the yard...

Welcome to my garden…

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