Naked Beef Fajitas

So tonight I was looking in the freezer.  I spied some beef tips that I really needed to use up, but wanted to so something a bit different from my usual.  I also saw that I had some cilantro pesto frozen as well.

I started dinner off with a nice salad that included the following

Tree lettuce ( yes, tree lettuce: it is like bin lettuce only it grows on a stalk sort of like a tree.
Chopped tomato
Feta cheese
Chopped hazelnuts
Chopped yellow and res sweet peppers
Lemon olive oil and Balsamic vinegar


I enjoyed my salad while the need tips were marinating.

I took the beef tips and pounded them to help tenderize them.  I then marinated them in lemon juice with a crushed piquin pepper, some salt and black pepper.

I cut some onion into rings and strips of yellow and red pepper, then sauteed them in olive oil.  Once done I set them aside and kept them warm.

Then I added the beef tips to the pan and cooked them until done to medium.  Removes them from the pan sliced them against the grain and tossed them with a bit of the cilantro pesto.

Served with sour cream and chopped tomatoes.

I call them naked because I didn’t use any tortillas.


What are you having for dinner?

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