Another “Food Critic” Post

Friday night, first Friday of Lent, not feeling like cooking for dinner… what to do… what to do…

Growing up every Friday of Lent was “Fish Friday”.  Being Catholic, we could not eat meat on Friday, so fish it was not seafood, but fish.  This is so “embedded” in me that it doesn’t dawn on me much that there is so much more that you can have that is neither, meat, nor fish.

That said, the first Friday of Lent arrived and, having been eating a lot of fish already the past couple of weeks, my thoughts turned to what I might want to order when I went out to dinner at Joe 5 Star Pizzeria & Restaurante

Achillie center, Rhonda on the right

A little bit about Joe’s and the owners… The restaurant is owned and operated by Achillie Epifani and his wife Rhonda.  I met Achillie and Rhonda when they opened a little italian restaurant less than a mile from my house, many years ago.  I ate there often and quickly became friends with them.  Actually, they are more than just friends.  You see, in 2006, when I fell and broke my hip and arm, and lay in the hospital, they brought me dinner so I wouldn’t have to eat the hospital food.  That is the kind and wonderful people they are.

Achillie has owned several restuarants in the Houston area, all successful establishments.  They sold the restuarant near my home and took some time off, then last summer found a location in Katy Texas, and opened Joe 5 Star in September 2011.

Joe’s is a small restaurant with dine-in (they take reservations!), carry-out and catering.  They are located on 5th Avenue in Katy Texas, across the street from the Methodist church.  Because they are so close to the church, they cannot serve alcohol.  They do have their liquor license, though, so you can bring your own libations.  Even better – they do not charge any “cork fee” as some places tend to do.

It is very much a family atmosphere, and while Achillie spends a lot of time in the kitchen, he will come out to the dining area and check on the guests often to make sure that everything is fine.

Many families eat at Joe 5 Star after their kids' Saturday sporting events

Friday evening, we had a large group of Rhonda’s extended family there for dinner; a group of at least 12, I think.

This evening I started out with Bruchetta, since all I had for lunch was a cheese sandwich; I was also one of the first to get to the restaurant and wasn’t going to order my dinner entree until the others arrived.   Fresh chopped tomatoes, and basil on top of made-from-scratch garlic bread with a drizzling of olive oil and topped with parmesan cheese.

Many bottles of wine were consumed last night, it was such a great gathering of friends and family.  Many ordered pizza, of which Achillie makes the best.  Their pizza’s are made from scratch.  Achillie makes the dough and all the sauces himself.  He also uses the same dough to make the bread used for the garlic bread.  I have yet to find another place in the area that makes as good a pizza pie as Achillie.

I decided I would have Spinach Ravioli with Pink Sauce (all homemade), served with a dinner salad and plain bread with butter.  Unfortunately, I ate my dinner before I realized I had forgotten to take a picture of it for the blog … (Ops!)

Another YUMMY dinner compliments of Achillie, and I didn’t miss the fish at all.  🙂

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What are you having for dinner?

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