Fish Tacos

Well, tonight I decided I wanted to something different, and something I have never made before… Fish Tacos!

I found a recipe on  I also decided to make my own flour tortillas… This is something I will definitely need to work on.  Mine turned out ok, but just ok.  Nothing to really get excited about.  I think my problem was that I used only whole wheat flour, and instead.of butter, I used oil, so they were very heavy and didn’t puff up like they were supposed to.  Oh well.

As for the taco fillings, well, the recipe I chose used way too much chili powder, in everything from the marinade for the fish, to the sauce for the Coleslaw, to the breading that went on the fish.  The sauce for the coleslaw was way too thick too, but that can be easily solved by adding a bit of water.

All that said, dinner was edible, just not my best work in the kitchen.  And I won’t be using the recipe from again…


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