Nicoise Salad – My Way

A Nicoise salad is a mixed salad of various veggies topped with tuna, anchovies, and sliced hard boiled egg.  Then topped with a vinegarette dressing.

My version omits the anchovies…Why?  Because I really to not like them, what-so-ever.  🙂

Of course I used veggies from the church garden, from the local farmers market and a few from the grocery store (peppers are not in season in Houston right now).


Cathy’s Nicoise Salad

2 cups lettuce ( mix of bib and romaine)
Red peppers
Green peppers
Yellow/orange peppers
Green onions
Canned tuna
1 hard boiled egg

Mustard Vinegarette
1Tbsp Rasberry vinegar
1Tbsp olive or avocado oil ( I used avocado oil, but only because I had it on hand.  It is rather expensive.)
1 tsp dijon mustard
Fresh ground black pepper to taste

Whisk all vinegarette ingredients together.

Mix tuna and chopped onion.  Pour a little bit of the dressing in the tuna/onion mix and stir to coat.

Blanche the broccoli and asparagus 1 minute.  Put in icr water to atop cooking.  Chop once cooled

Clean and chop all the veggies.  Put lettuce on plate and arrange veggies on top of it.  Arrange hard boiled egg slices  Drizzle with remaining vinegarette over the salad.  Top with tuna and enjoy.

I also had a toasted piece of rye bread.

To drink I made a wonderful lavender tea that I got at the farmers market here.  It is made from organic lavender grown near Houston. 

Once I made the salad and sat down to dinner, I realized I was having fish yet again tonight!  Oh well, it is good for you, and boy was it yummy!

What are you having for dinner?

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