Pan Seared Chicken and Veggies

Ok, I admit it, over the weekend I didn’t cook much…hardly at all…more like not at all. 

Friday night I had leftovers from Chatters Cafe, Saturday I skipped breakfast and had a late lunch at Pecan Grille; more about that place in a later post…  Sunday I went to brunch at Chatters Cafe (another great experience) after church with some friends, and brought home leftovers that ended up as my dinner yesterday evening.

So today, I pulled out the chicken breast I thawed last week, and chopped up some of the yummy veggies from the farmers market and the church garden for dinner tonight.

My sister-in-law in Colorado sent me some spices for Christmas that I used on the chicken and then pan seared it in an iron skillet.  Turned out very yummy.

For veggies I chopped up some snap peas and bok choy and stir fried them in the iron skillet then sprinkled some Balsamic vinegar over them.  I also cut up a fresh tomato to give my dinner plate some color…and besides, I love tomatoes…  🙂


Oh, I had some of the lemon sauce left over from last week’a lemon chicken, so I heated a bit of that up and put it on the chicken too.

One response

  1. looks absolutley yummy!! Wish I was more motivated to cook for just me….I even have baked talapia in the fridge and didn’t even heat it up with veggies. My goal was to have it with sauteed asaparagus. My day started so well with a wonderful salad and an apple for dessert.

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