Home Cook Turned Restaurant Food Critic

Well, not really…maybe just an amateur one for this evening. 

You see, I took chicken breasts out of Tue freezer for dinner tonight, but they weren’t thawed out, plus I had chicken for dinner yesterday.  Lastly, I wasn’t on the mood to cook tonight, anyway.  So, off I went, planning on going to a place near my house called “Tossed”, that is a fancy salad place.  On my way o passed a place called “Chatters Bistro and Cafe”, a relatively new place that opened.  There have been several other establishments in this location, none of the survived…obviously…

Anyway, I decided to give the place a try.  They are a locally owned and operated establishment with two locations on Houston.  I LOVE supporting local businesses. 

The atmosphere of the place is friendly, casual, yet upscale at the same time. They have a small bar area for happy hour gatherings and even a corner with a couple of couches, either for waiting for a table (if need be) or gathering with friends over drinks and appetizers after work.

Food choices are western Europe/Mediterranean, with a little American thrown in (burgers and fries are included on the menu).

Tonight I ordered Gyros plate.  It was supposed to be served with French fries, but I was able to substitute rice and veggies.  It also came with choice of soup or side salad.  I opted for tomato bas soup. The serving of meat was enough that I brought 1/2 of it home for lunch tomorrow. Most guys would probably consider the portion size just right for one meal…or if I was really hungry. :-). So, I would say the food was good, the prices very reasonable and portion sizes just right.

The service I received was very good, and the waiter provided some suggestions when I couldn’t decide what to order. He was also accommodating when I asked to swap out the rice for the fries, and added the veggies as well.

I would have taken a picture of my dinner to post, buy forgot my smartphone at home…

All in all, this is a place I will support and look forward to trying some of their other entrees in the future.

If you live on Houston, or happen to travel here for some reason, check out the restaurant’s website at http://www.chatterscafe.com, and maybe have one of your meals there.

Remember, when you support local places 68 cents for every $1 you spend stays in your local community, franchises about 35 cents stays local.

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