Quick and Easy pasta Carbonara


Yes, quick and easy.  I know, I always thought carbonara was difficult and complicated.  But it isn’t!  And the great thing about it, you can adjust the ingredients for the # of servings you want to make.  Tonight I made a single serving because I only had pasta for one. 

Cut bacon into small pieces.  Dice some onion, put in a pan over medium heat to cook. Meanwhile cook pasta according to pkg directions.  Take eggs (1 for each serving you are making) and beat well.

When pasta is finished, drain pasta, saving some of the pasta water.  Add pasta water to egg a little bit at a time.  For 3 eggs you use 1/2 cup, so adjust amount of water based on # of eggs and servings you are making.

Add egg mixture to pasta, and heat so that it thickens a bit, add bacon and onion, toss.  Place on serving plate or bowl. Top with parmesan cheese and serve with garlic bread if you like.

What are you having for dinner?

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