Sweet, Spicy, and Cheesy

This evening I pulled out some of those butternut ravioli that I made this weekend.  I wanted to make a cream sauce to go with them so I took to the internet to find something to give me some idea of what I might make.  I came across a creamy pesto recipe, and from there, I started to modify…

I started with a couple of jalapeno peppers, diced them, took a couple of yellow banana peppers and a couple red banana peppers and diced them up as well.  Saute’d them in olive oil/butter, then added some homemade pesto sauce I had in the fridge.  To this I added some milk (maybe a couple of cups or so), I also mixed some (about a tablespoon) of corn starch with a couple tablespoons of milk and added this to the sauce.  I continued to heat the sauce, stirring constantly, until it thickened to my liking.   The butternut squash was made in slow boiling salt water for 3 -4 minutes, then added to a few tablespoons of the creamy pesto sauce.  Last – I topped the ravioli with parmesan cheese.

This was really yummy!  Just enough spicy to go along with the sweetness of the butternut squash.  MMMM MMM MMM!!


Oh, and for dessert – a piece of pear pie!


Buttnernut squash ravioli

Looking in my freezer and realized I have butternut squash that I set up that needs to be used…. what to do with it? I decided to make butternut squash ravioli.

Made homemade pasta dough, and rolled out into two separate sheets.

Took the butternut squash, added 3 tablespoons raw sugar (cause I had that and wanted to use it up), added about 1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice, and mixed together throughly.

dropped 1/2 teaspoon size dollups of the squash on on pasta sheet, leaving about 2 inches between each dollup. using pastry brush, brushed a little water between each dollup (to help the top pasta adhere to the bottom dough), place the second sheet of dough over the first, press around each dollup of squash making sure to press out all the air. press the dough sheets together between the dollups. Using a round and/or fluted cookie cutter, cut out each ravioli. cook in slow boiling water 2 – 3 minutes. top with sauce of your choice (I prefer a cream sauce made with shallots or onions, a little bit of butter and some sage).

Remembering my Mom…and Her Homemade Chili

As the weather is turning chilly (can’t say cold, since here in texas it is still getting into the 70/80s and even 90s sometimes – during the day), my thoughts turned to chili.  My mom used to make homemade Chili Mac during weather like this.  I have been craving some of her chili, and missing her too (mom passed away in 2008), so I went in search and found my mom’s recipe in an old cookbook I have from her.  Made a nice big pot of chili, and packaged single servings to freeze for enjoying in the coming weeks.

I also made a homemade pear pie a few days ago.  That won’t be frozen.  I’m sure it will be gone by week’s end…