Out of town, again…

Not doing much in the way of eating what I have in the house over the past several days.  Why?  Well, because I have been out of town.  I was off to the great Northwest.  It was wonderful, the weather there was very pleasant, given the heat we have been enduring in Houston Texas this summer.

The purpose of my travels was to swim in the “Long Bridge Lake Swim” that had its 17th annual bridge swim event on Saturday.

I am happy to say, I FINISHED!!  🙂   The water temp was around 68 degrees, which may sound rather chilly, but with a full body wetsuit on, it was rather nice.  I also “cheated” a bit, you see, you can, if you wish, use fins, for the swim.  Yes, you better believe I used fins!!  🙂

Yes, I am out there, somewhere…

What are you having for dinner?

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