Ever heard of Watermelon rind pickles? how about preserves?

When I was home last weekend in Indiana, I picked up a nice seedless watermelon.  I have always wondered – is there anything you can do/make with the watermelon rinds?  Well, low and behold – there is!  I found two recipes that apparently go back generations (to the early 1900’s and I am sure prior to that).  One is for pickled watermelon rinds.  Based on the recipe, it sounds like the end result tastes something akin to bread and butter/sweet pickles.  The second recipe is for watermelon rind preserves – for putting on your morning toast.

I’m going to give both of these recipes a try.  The pickles take a couple of weeks before they are ready to eat once you have canned them, the preserves I should be able to try once it is cooled.  keep you posted on the results!

What are you having for dinner?

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