Standup Freezer Inventory

Yep – I have a big standing freezer.  Surprisingly, I don’t really have that much in it (anymore – since starting this eat only what I have at home thing).

Still I have things in there that I need to use before they get freezer burned.

What’s in this freezer?? Well,

Watermelon (yep, I froze large slices then put them in foodsaver bags and sealed them.  These will make some really good frozen watermelon drinks! 🙂

Cantelope and Honeydew melon chunks.  These are in tupperware containers, so not sure how good they are.  Will have to check them out, they may end up in the compost bin…

Scallops – a large bag of large scallops…another one of those COSTCO buys.  I discovered I am not a big fan of scallops, but that said, a friend posted a recipe for grilled shrimp that I think will be great with scallops.  Going to give this one a try soon!

Various homemade soups that I froze.

Broccoli – need to use this before freezer burn sets in.

Lemon juice, and lemon peel.

Homemade pesto put into single serving containers.

Butternut squash cooked/mashed.

New: Artichoke Spinach Ravioli – I made quite a few today, froze the extras and put them in foodsaver bags as well.

What are you having for dinner?

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