Tuesday night dinner

Have you ever wondered why in the world you bought something because it just sits in your pantry, and everytime you look at it you think to yourself, now what am I going to do with that?

I have 3 cans of white turkey breast (like tuna, only turkey, and larger), okay – now I only have 2, but before tonight I would see them sitting in the pantry and ask myself – what in the world was I thinking?  Of course, this was another one of those COSTCO purchases where you get 3 large cans of the stuff for “one low price”…

Well, taking my cue from the tuna cakes that I made a few days ago, I decided I would make turkey cakes. I diced onion, green pepper and jalapeno papper, added breadcrumbs and a couple of eggs, and of course, the all important canned turkey breast, a bit of salt and pepper and formed a couple of turkey cakes to be cooked in olive oil.  I also had a yellow squash, green pepper and onion that I saute’d in olive oil as well; and topped it all with the vandelia onion poppyseed dressing, like I did with the pasta and spicy sausage yesterday.

I have to say, while it was good, the peppers in the veggies as well as those in the cake sweetened up when cooked, so it wasn’t as spicy/sweet as I expected it would be, more just sweet/sweet.  I should have added some ground red pepper and/or some white pepper as well to get the spicy/hot thing going.  I have one more turkey cake in the fridge, and that is what I will do with it when I get ready to cook it.

What are you having for dinner?

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