Happy Independence Day America!

Well, I did my major celebrating of America’s independence with friends/neighbors yesterday.  We spent a couple hours lounging in my pool and then headed over to their house where we had hummus and artichoke/spinach dip for appetizers followed by hamburgers and hot dogs with a nice salad, potato and veggie chips and ending with several different desserts that included cupcakes, angelfood cake with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream and a pear/peach cobbler that I made yesterday morning.  The only picture I have is of the pear/peach cobbler I made yesterday. 

Today was a quiet, uneventful day, with one minor exception.  I had planned on grilling some jalapeno sausage, but when I went out to start the grill it was out of propane gas.  I ended up boiling the sausage instead.  I made something of an unconventional Independence Day dinner of sliced sausage with homemade pasta and diced green pepper, topped with a vadelia onion poppy seed dressing.  This might sound a little odd, but it was a great combination of spicy and sweet.   Dessert will be a piece of warmed blueberry buckle with some vanilla ice cream while watching the Houston fireworks on TV (Houston banned private fireworks due to the severe draught here…)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day – and remember all of those who have defended our country and our freedom! Especially those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.

What are you having for dinner?

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