Catching up…

Okay – I have been bad.  Have not posted on my blog for a whole week.

So here is an update:

Yep, I have not been true to my rules of eating what I have in the house.

Saturday I just had leftovers, nothing special.

Sunday I had a real craving for pizza, but the recipe I have for pizza dough isn’t an “instant bake” recipe, it has to rest for 24 hours, so… I broke down and bought pizza from a local proprietor owned itialian restaurant.

I had leftover pizza for dinner on Monday.

On Tuesday I finally cracked open the 64 oz. jar of artichokes.  I made a pasta based on a suggestion from my friend Mary Murphy.  Artichokes,
diced ham, onions, basil pesto and bowtie pasta.  made enough for several servings. Had the leftovers for lunch throughout the week.

Wednesday I made another pasta dish with the artichokes.  This time it was bowtie pasta and artichokes with homemade marinara sauce.

Thursday night was another evening of rule breaking. I went to the Astros game with some friends, and ate dinner at the ballpark.  BBQ stuffed baked potato with a beer.

Tonight I have yet to decide what to have for dinner… most likely will be something that includes artichokes…

What are you having for dinner?

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