The Refrigerator Inventory…

Finally got around to reviewing what I have in the fridge this morning… not as bad as I thought, though I do have a couple more of those HUGE jars…  This time it is kosher dill pickles and marchino cherries….

What else do I have in the fridge?

Beer, wine and milk – all basic necessities…

More grilling sauces (about 5 different types)
Some homemade berry muffins
homemade cornbread
homemade italian bread
Pecan pumpkin butter
Pumpkin curry
3 cans of whipped cream (another one of those Sam’s Club purchases, but then you can never have too much whipped cream…)
Pesto – homemade and store bought
Lemon juice – another HUGE bottle, but it is almost gone (I use it to make lemonade all the time)
Carrot spread
Fage’ Greek Yogurt – 2 large tubs (I LOVE this stuff!)
cottage cheese (big tub)
marinara sauce (made last night)
pineapple spears
lemon and lime
pastachio nuts (large container – another one of those COSTCO purchases…)
assorted jams
several jars of different pickles
kidney beans
CHEESE! – Mascarpone, velvetta, Brie, Pepperjack, and Feta
Garlic butter
Dried mushrooms (going to make creamy mushroom soup later today!)
coconut water
dried tomatoes
hot sauce
lime juice, and
various condiments…

All in all, the fridgerator contents isn’t all that bad, I usually have a lot more veggies that have been in there for a while, but since I started this project I have been really good about eating them before they go bad… I knew this project would be good for me!  Oh, and I dropped 10 lbs in the last month since starting this!!

What are you having for dinner?

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