Do you buy a lot of food and then it sits in the pantry/fridge/freezer?

Do you have a lot of different things in your pantry, fridge, or freezer that you bought and forgot you had?  Never/hardly ever use them, and the find them and either they are outdated, freezer burned, turning to mush in the fridge?  Well, you are not alone.  I do this all the time.  When I stop to think about how much food (mostly produce or frozen foods) that have gone to waste (which equates to just throwing money out the window), I cringe.  I buy things on impulse, telling myself I am going to expand my food horizons, but then forget about what I bought.

Recently I started posting nightly pictures of what I have made for dinner on my facebook page, and thought – gee, why not start a blog about it?  Who knows if anyone will ever read this, maybe yes, maybe no. 

Anyway, here goes.  As part of the process, I have developed a set of “rules” for myself to follow.  Some friends started to give me some of their rules they wanted to impose, but since this is my project, and my blog, I am going to follow my rules.  

Here they are:

1) Take an inventory of what I have in the pantry, fridge, and freezer.

2) Clean out and get rid of anything that is past its prime and I know I will not use.   I already started this process this morning, cleaning out my freezer and getting rid of some frozen veggies that had major freezer burn and were not edible (in my own opinion).  Surprisingly I didn’t get rid of much; and what I did get rid of didn’t go in the trash, it went into my compost bin.

3) I am only allowed to buy certain staples/basics, like milk, butter, eggs, flour, sugar.  When it comes to bread, the goal is to make it from scratch at home either using the bread machine my parents bought me many years ago, or baking in the oven, or outside grill.

4) Dining out is to be kept to a minimum.  Maybe once a week, and when I do eat out, I have to pay cash (you see, I am also trying to cut way down on the use of credit cards as well).

5) Produce that is given to me free, say pears from a friends tree, veggies from the church garden or from a friend, are allowed.  As long as I don’t have to buy the produce, I am allowed to graciously accept and use them.

That’s it; so here goes.

One response

  1. Yes, I have been thinking about “cleansing” the freezer (really tired of stuff shooting out when I open it) the pantry and spices. Don’t like that spice rack and they are old. I mean really old! Need to grow fresh herbs and only buy what I will actually use.

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